Sunday, 8 January 2012


I did post a list of WIPocalypse projects but I don’t think it is complete. We still have a visitor in the room I normally use as a sewing room. I am fairly sure, there might be more UFOs in the cupboard in there..... I know I have ‘a few’ charts and kits, I might be adding more to my list yet.
I finished the first item on my list. The Colourstreams needle case is done. It is in use, filled with needles already.

I have also finished the Emerald dragon fly,  it is the second time I have completed this pattern the first one hangs in my sister’s house, I will be glad to have a set for myself.
I have made a start on the second dragonfly.

I have decided to add a list of ‘extras’ these are small’ish, projects I decide to start, that are outside my list.
I was having trouble keeping track of my bits and pieces when stitching or beading at the dining room table at night. So I made a crafting “placemat”, only my bits and pieces are allowed on it. Hopefully that will help keep everything together. I have  button hole stitched around each bit,  I just need to decide how to finish the edges.

I found this really nice stone centre piece while browsing in a bead shop. I had to make a necklace out of it. It is a bit longer than I wanted it but that is easily fixed.
So that is me for this month. I will be back to work next week, so my future progress reports will not be as good, still.... if I didn't  work, I would have no money for more stash. ; )


  1. Beautiful finish on the needle book! And your dragonflies look really cool too.

  2. Very cool needle book and I love that dragonfly.

  3. I love your "stitching" placemat. :-)