Monday, 23 January 2012


Here is the January photo of my ORTs jar. There is something satisfying about looking at this jar with its slowly growing collection of little bits of 'stuff', it shows that I have actually managed to get time to sit and stitch. The content is really pretty there are lots of bits of metalic thread from the Dragonfly cross stitch and lots of beautiful silk threads from the needle case. Nice memories here.
That is Sam, holding on to my jar, he keeps me company in my stitching room. He is so cute and soft.

I found Sam during the christmas shopping rush, you know when you have just about had enough with shopping, people, preparing and getting ready? I live in the tropics, Christmas time is HOT. Millions of people go shopping just to get out of the heat. I was just about at that point, where I was ready to snap the head of the next person who looked at me the wrong way. Well I saw Sam, someone had picked him up in the department store and must  have then changed their mind about buying him, he was sitting on a shelf at the check-out line, with pens, magazines and lollies, looking lost and rejected....He made me smile, so I had to save him. He now sits in my room, looking at me as if he is waiting for me to tell him the meaning of life...(he will be waiting a while). I named him after my beautiful cat, Samuel who died a year ago today at the age of 19. Still love you Sam.

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  1. LOL, I'm with you in the Orts jar journal/challenge too, as well as the BJP and TAST. Sam is pretty cute. I'm happy he found a good home, but sorry about Samuel.