Friday, 20 January 2012


OK so I have now signed up for the International Hermit and StitchWeekend. I have been back at work a week now and realise work is going to be even more hectic than I first thought for the next few months, so this might be my last chance for a while to get a good amount of stitching done. I am going to make the most of it. Stitching -check, wine - check, alone time- check. I am ready.

I have completed my January Bead journal project.

It features fireworks which to me signifies new-year, new beginnings, celebrating the start of something and hope for a good year. There are 7 little 'figures' on the left they signify my family, husband, sons and their girlfriends, the beads on the right signifies a crazy amount of 'stuff' turning into a clearn simple line of beads, this is to show that, this year I will be in control rather than flying along out of control. This will involve saying no.... I am practicing, and have warned my boss. I don't think he believes me... It is not as artistic as some of the entries I have browsed through, but it is OK for me, as a start. I started out with a piece of hand dyed silk velvet, which I cut into 12 equal pieces, the gold swirl beading will run through them all. I will then mount each individual piece and display as a whole with the 12 pieces together. Sounds like it might work.... we will see.

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  1. You feel like I do about new year fireworks - a clean sheet full of exciting possibilities. Your fireworks certainly sparkle against the gorgeous background colour. I like your idea of having a continuing gold swirl through all your pieces to connect them. I'm sure it will work beautifully.