Friday, 30 December 2011


1.     Colour streams needle case
This is a new project, a ‘Colourstreams’ kit I bought while attending the Koala convention in Brisbane. This convention is a week of craft workshops. I have changed the design a bit. I will finish this project soon.
2.     The Emerald Dragonfly.
A ‘Mirabilia’ Nora Corbett design, that I started 2 years ago, and have recently started working on again. This is nearly done, just needs more of the beads.
3.     The Silver Dragonfly.
A ‘Mirabilia’ Nora Corbett design. I haven’t started this one, but want to complete it as it is partner to the Emerald dragonfly.
4.     Cominos House, Ross original.
I started this on a whim one day, I really like the design but very quickly got bored with it. I think it is because it is all one colour, I really like colours.
5.     Cream Quilt
This was a Block of the month project. My husband was going away for 6 months with work and I thought it would help make the time go quicker. I started it 5 years ago and have completed I think 4 of the 12 blocks. Again it has no colour; I did buy some pastel cottons to add but didn’t get to it. I would like to finish this as it is very pretty.
6.     A little beaded Christmas tree
I started this many years ago. Christmas came and went and I didn’t pick it up again the next year, or the year after that.
7.     Elverdamskroen. (Danish pub)
This design has special meaning for me, my grandmother did an embroidery of this picture, from a postcard, I found the kit while on holiday in Denmark, I was very excited. I really want to complete it. I have made a one stitch mistake somewhere in the gravel part, which has carried though so the horses are one stitch out. I have been unable to find the mistake so that I can rectify it.  That is the main reason I have left it, as it drives me crazy, I just need to move on and accept that it will not be perfect. Phew.... next to take my advice.
8.     Peter Rabbit, ring pull.
I started this as my niece was expecting a baby. I didn’t finish it, I thought it might not go with the decor, she had chosen for the baby’s room. It is cute though and I would like to finish it. Who knows I might be a grandma one day....
9.     A felted hand bag.
Another ‘Colourstreams’ kit I bought while attending the Koala convention, a fantastic week of craft workshops in Brisbane. I need to felt the back panel and embellish with silk ribbon, embroidery and beads.
10.                         Knitted Owl.
I filled this poor guy with bear beads, to make him sit better, but the beads are coming out through the knitting. I need to redo, make a bag for the beads and then give him a face.
11.                         Felt angel
It is just a little project and I don’t have much left to do; still it is getting pushed to the back a bit.
12.                          “Day” a Maria Scharrenburg design.
I started this year’s ago, it is a beautiful design I should finish it. I also have the partner to it “Night”. I haven’t added Night to this list as I think I have my hands full already, maybe next year.
13.                          A little rose ring pull
This was started many years ago. I should finish it, there is not much to do and it would make a nice little present.
14.                         Tiny Christmas stockings
I was going to make these and put a family member’s names on the back of each. It is a nice idea and I would like to get them done. Maybe I could do one a month or something.  I think the thought of doing them up after the stitching was what put me off.
15.                         Mrs and Mr Santa
This is a soft doll kit that I bought while on a visit to Denmark. I started it years ago, not sure why I didn’t finish it.  Their clogs are not in the pack, I hope I can find them in my stash somewhere. I would like to finish this before next Christmas.

Going through boxes and bags. Seeking out projects and then developing a list, has been a bit scary, but very cleansing. I have pulled  out some, that I do not want to go further with, others I don't want to do this year. I will be happy to finish a few of hte ones on the list and just make at least some progress on others. (I know I wil be addidn project during the year) I have to be realistic, I work full time and I study, so I don't have endless hours. If there are any groups out there, that can add hours to the days, I would be very keen to join. : )

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