Friday, 23 December 2011

Joining groups

I was planning to have more entries in my blog by now, but life has a way of getting in the way.
I have been accepted into the Beading Journal Project, I am very excited about that. I have played around with beads in the past, nothing too complicated though, so this should really stretch me, and I can’t wait.
I have recently had to dismantle my stitching room due to a long term visiting relative. This is a dangerous and scary endeavour, as I now have a better idea of how big my stash and list of UFOs and WIPs are...... So does everyone else in the house by the way, as all my boxes are stacked up in the study, at least until I can clear a permanent area for them. I might use the pantry, who needs food anyway?   I found some projects I had totally forgotten about and that I am keen to finish. So.... for this reason I have also joined WIPocalypse 2012. I am hoping to finish some projects and promote other projects from UFOs to WIPs. Lastly, with all this stitching planned I have started an ORTs jar, I had never even thought to collect all the pretty little bits, until I found some pictures of ORTs jars, glasses, plates, bags etc. and wondered what it was all about. I have of cause requested to join the TUSAL group. What better way to measure the amount of creativity that has been happening?

 I am going to be very busy stitching taking photos and blogging this year.
P.S. I have not been left with nowhere to stitch, I have a stitching area now, it just does not have a door, which does make it harder to resist. What a shame LOL
I think I hear the long and short term visitors stir, better go see if anyone is ready for breakfast.

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