Friday, 25 November 2011

Oh no, I am not ready!!!!!

Oh dear. I just checked in with Pin Tangle and realised that a list of contacts has been developed. This is a great idea and I have spent time checking out sites, but I am embarrassed that my site is so new. I developed this blog especially for the TAST challenge, yes I know that's stating the obvious.
I am going to add more here, so please come and check with me again soon. I just have something that must be completed by Thursday, but after that I will have loads more time. (no it is not a stitching project, I am sorry to say)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Teena! Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse. I know what you mean about having those projects that never seem to get any stitches in them. I hope you'll be inspired through the SAL to make some project on at least a couple of yours. :)

    I've added you to the participant list and to my blog reader. And I'm also in TAST, so we'll have that in common.

    Don't worry about having an empty blog. One entry at a time, and it will soon be full. :) It just takes time!

    Happy stitching!